Why traditional IT Solution Providers need to shift to the Cloud Computing?

In the emerging cloud market headed for transformation this year, MSPs need to decide what they want to offer — and why. Having an MSP cloud computing strategy is key for 2015. That strategy is maybe filled with enough risks while still the goal is providing measurable and stable gains to customers.

There’s no way to deny it: the cloud industry has reached maturity. And businesses are lining up to make a move to the cloud. According to Gartner, organizations will store 36% of their content in the cloud by 2016, a big jump from the meagre 7% they stored in 2011. Managed service providers (MSPs) who want to thrive into this growing business will have to decide how to align with the cloud. They’ll have to merge their customers’ needs, what kind of offering they can deliver and what kind of strategy will ensure their success. Many traditional IT  Solution providers still want to keep their customers, create new revenue streams and lower costs by adding cloud services to their offerings. But how to do it? And which kind of risks you will have to meet on your way, which challenges you will need to handle – this are the questions a lot of MSPs are struggling now. Which kind of MSP are you?

Regarding the Rhonda Sherwood  MSPs are divided into three categories – The Risk Taker, The Conventional and The Trailblazer.

  • The risk taker is an MSP which likes to drive, to be sure that he controls and owns the infrastructure. That means, he is the one who will never go to any public cloud provider, in order to get the full guaranteed control. The minus? First of all high investment and long way to return of investment. The second of all, is the huge concurrency in the already existing and running market where the big providers are placing their offerings.
  • The conventional will trust the secure and very well-known cloud provider like Amazon or Microsoft to reduce the risk to minimum. The minus for The Conventional – the market is already full with the same big provider cloud resellers. If you would like to sell, you will have to go probably at the low cost price or you still need an investment to produce a value to make yourself unique in the tremendous market.
  • At the end, the Trailblazer is the clever and fast adapter for this emerging change. He will find a white label provider to fish out the best of all market – to win the competition, to reduce investment. He can offer a high upscale enterprise or SMEs infrastructure saving the time and investment effort by deploying his own cloud. And he will get all the advantages from latest hardware and software updates, controlled usage of cloud, maintenance of cloud included and much more. This model provides all the flexibility you need to satisfy your customers, to make an offer to them individually and personalised. The best part of this approach is you get a market share, you increase revenue stream and you stay in this emerging cloud business!


To sum it up, the shift to move to MSP isn’t a success. A shift to cloud computing as technology enabler is success. It hangs on maximizing channel partnerships that are already available, rather than trying to create something by yourself. The bicycle is already invented. Jump on, doesn’t matter which kind of VAR are you!

What is your strategy for 2015?


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