The TOP IT Positions – We are Hiring!

The IT scope has always been on the move and it changes faster and faster with every year. The requirements for an IT specialists grows only bigger and wider.  The enhanced cloud strategies, Azure business, security struggles and Internet of Things will play a strategic role in 2016. It`s a good moment to spice up your IT knowledge and search for one of the TOP IT positions this year! We are aware of some!

The biggest IT trend in the last months has been the data digitalisation and succesful shift into the cloud. The “Cloud-first” mindset makes the rules for organisations. Companies are trying to find the ways to information accessibility from everywhere and anytime, that’ s why the hiring trends are growing most rapidly in Azure and CRM businesses, security and Internet of Things.

Therefore we want to let you know that we know several positions – accordingly they are sales and cloud related. With global clients in over a dozen countries we know some companies which now need Cloud Experts – the people who can enhance existing deployments by effectively migrating resouces and adopting to the new era – Cloud era.

If you have hands on experience with Azure and strong understanding of its capabilities and limitations and you are best friends with SCCM/SCSM solutions, SaaS, Office 365; if your second name is Microsoft Cloud and you speak Sales, Consulting and virtualization and are fluent in orchestration to develop a cloud solution- we want to talk to you! Although a hybrid role, the opportunity to specialize in either more dedicated Pre-Sales or pure implementation consultancy are both options but all applicants will be client facing and commercially minded.

MCSE, MCP or other Microsoft certifications would be a significant advantage and the company will actively update these as part of your career progression and development.

For the wider insight into the requirements for each position of what our friends/partners seek for contact us directly. At AppXite, we continually track hiring and industry trends because our partner network is constantly spreading all around the world. There are open various positions in Canada, Australia, UAE, and Germany and soon to be more. Let us know if you are interested in these or similar positions in one of the mentioned countries.

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