The new intelligent way how to optimise your IT Infrastructure – Azure Managed Service Factory

On-premise, hybrid, public… 50+ services in Microsoft Azure. Bewildered? You are not to blame – Azure is mind-blowing and it can be overwhelming to figure out what the ups and downs of Microsoft Azure are. It is not easy to combine the different pieces of the puzzle and end up with a modern infrastructure that fully supports your business needs. Why not coworking with an Expert Center at Azure Managed Service Factory, ran by one of the leading IT service providers in Europe – Atea Global Services in order to create a unique solution for your case?

Azure, with independently verified compliance, gives the foundation to achieve compliance for the infrastructure and applications you run in Azure. It is used to save costs and time rapidly. Now in the market there are various ready solutions – buy and go type, also the services are still used. But in many cases mostly IT Infrastructure leaders, managers and even technicians are not aware of how many and different possibilities Microsoft Azure offers. Time to time the developed or ready-made solution doesn’t bring the planned optimisation because the developer and manager speaks in different levels of language.

Now it has been changed. Greet the first Azure Managed Service Factory filled with Azure Experts. This model gives the opportunity to work together – responsible business department leader with qualified and experienced Microsoft Azure Experts. This model has proven that there is provided high impact solutions using Azure. Their strategy is to work closely with your organization’s stake holder to design and deploy a solutions that fits your unique needs.


Why Azure Managed Service Factory’s approach works?

Atea Global Services is one of the first to enable Microsoft Azure services through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program. As one of seven first syndication partners in the world Atea built up amazing experience in Azure. The in-house cloud development product portfolio includes Azure based Cloud Reporting, Cloud endpoint management, Cloud solution sales portal, Cloud software asset management and Cloud based AD password reset mobile application, as well as a multitude of custom project software for wide range of business problems and integration needs And yes, they have hit those pitfalls during the years.


How does Azure Managed Service Factory works?

 Now the new way how to find out what IT infrastructures needs is, to attend the workshop, called INSPIRE-RETHINK, where on the first day customers together with Microsoft Azure Expert Center are getting inspired with some already realised scenarios about what is possible to do with Azure and what has been done already. The second day is called RETHINK, where customers are bringing on the table their challenges, wants and needs. Together with experts in Azure Managed Service Factory they are rethinking concrete cases and developing a sketch for unique and innovative solutions specialised only for this customer case.



How to optimise my infrastructure? Easy!

There are high skilled and experienced Azure Experts which have worked with customer movement to Azure, analysed IT environments, provided architecture and design services, assisted with various deployment cases for Azure and also migrated applications and much more. The workshop can be booked for various team sizes, the times and schedules are flexible – accommodation, transportation in Riga and delicious meals are also included in rate. The only thing you have to care is arrival and to free your mind.


Unique solution for you infrastructure is INSPIRE-RETHINK workshop away! Contact us on for more information and bookings.

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