Become a Microsoft CSP 1-Tier partner! We help you climb that top.

Since July, 2015 the Microsoft partner business has changed and to embrace the cloud business as a CSP partner you must change as well. 1Tier CSP partner model stands for a few strategic partners who will deal directly with Microsoft and dive successfully into the cloud business. Do you want to be one? Even more – one of the best? AppXite can accelerate you in that path!

How does the CSP business model work?

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program enables partners to directly manage their entire Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle. Partners in this program utilize dedicated in-product tools to directly provision, manage, and support their customer subscriptions. Partners can also customize and combine them into one monthly or annual customer bill. That`s where AppXite comes in.

we fill the gaps in your portfolio to perfectly fit the Microsoft CSP 1Tier model!

We give you the resources to provide complete customer lifecycle management and manage the customer billing and support relationship as efficient as possible without any upfront costs.

As you might know there are 4 main key requirements to be a successful CSP 1-Tier partner:

  • service business model
  • support
  • billing
  • scalability

You need to have your own core services and a cloud sales platform. Value added managed services and billing possibility is also necessary for becoming a CSP 1-Tier partner.
In this business model you will own the relationship with customer – billing and assuming the credit and collections responsibility. Since you directly provision, monitor and manage the subscriptions, customers will contact you with related provisioning, help requests and technical support. Therefore you must be able to provide a high quality support service desk.

With AppXite in the back you can hit all the requirements and be perfectly prepared CSP 1Tier partner without a big upfront investment.

All our capabilities can be yours too:

  • The Rethink Cloud Sales Portal to manage customers and billing yourself
  • The advanced and skilled Azure Expert Center – ready to develop unique solution in Azure using all of the components and state of the art knowledge and experience
  • Managed Services capabilities wherever you want to bundle it with your Azure and Office365 offerings, e.g.: 24/7 Service Desk

All mentioned services comes white label. We support you with various materials, sales and marketing related activities. Feel free to also ask for help with customer presentations and into meetings with your region Microsoft representatives. There are plenty of options of how to cooperate.
Are you willing to be an early winner in new cloud era? Contact one of us here and we will make sure that you will be the best prepared and successful CSP 1-Tier partner in your region!

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