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Solutions Rethink

As one part of  our Microsoft Cloud Solution Program Acceleration Services is Rethink – a white label cloud sales portal for resellers, service providers and ISVs focused on Microsoft Office 365, Azure and CRM Dynamics. It enables the configuration, provision and management of cloud technologies to accelerate the success as cloud solution provider. Providing access to a unified service management and automated provisioning, billing and customer management are key elements. Decreasing the complex challenges of managing various cloud services, the procurement process, the IT management and the support enables partners to manage the CSP subscription lifecycle from a single, automated portal.



Get your own portal with own branding in which you can manage your customers Office 365, Azure and Dynamics Online subscriptions.


Get a system to handle subscriptions, credit card payments, and customer interactions for all Microsoft Cloud Services and connect to your ERP.


Manage Customer Organizations, CSP and EA tenants, subscriptions and prices in one portal and provide consumption reporting to customers.


Automate and scale your Microsoft Cloud business as a CSP



Easy and fair pricing

No financial investment or program fees needed – we share the success with you.

Easy and fast onboarding

Partner onboarding speed can make a critical difference to your company’s success in driving new revenue streams and expanding opportunities.

Global reach with local focus

End-to-end integration of core business functions allows you to manage your clients, invoices, billing and ticketing in one easy-to-use integrated platform providing a 360° view of your business and accounts. Get insights to optimize your Microsoft CSP business in minutes.

Grow your business

Expand customer reach with a customizable and intuitive marketplace of cloud services open for business 24/7. Microsoft cloud services are automatically deployed, easily managed and bring a new recurring revenue stream for your Microsoft CSP business.

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