Prolongered Xmas! Get your present until March 2016!

The Christmas is gone, but the joy sometimes still lasts. Presents as well.
Let us explain –

During the Advent time we released a special Christmas campaign for our partners and potential partners. Now, when all the presents are out and available we would like to remind you what is still available for you!

We decided to prolong the so called “sharing time” and will be closing the gift rack only at the end of March. So take your time, but don`t be late! It`s still on the first-come, first-served basis.

Here is the gift list:

  • PassOn licenses (only 6800 left)
  • Azure Inspire-Rethink workshop (released one more since it was gone immediately)
  • Package Store packages (3 packages left)
  • AppUpdate is already gone

How? If you have a customer in your mind or one planned soon, you can use one of the listed gifts for them really easy! Simply let your Partner Manager know which present you choose, and we will make it happen and manage all the necessary to deliver the present to you and your customer. Just like that! It`s really easy. Enjoy the prolonged Christmas feeling together with us!

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