Make a migration with FREE Windows 10 Application Compatibility Test

How to make migration jump to Windows 10?

Staring from beginning of July everybody can easily access the upgrade to Windows 10. There have been …. disucussions if and how, when and why. After almost two months of various experiences, a lot of CEOs and CTOs are deciding to make this jump, but how to manage it most secure and efficient? Make sure you know your existing environment of applications!


What you need to know: Application and it’s compatibility, packaging, and rationalization?

Upgrading to a new client operating system is a massive headache for the CIOs of most organizations. That’s because it’s disruptive, it impacts hardware purchasing decisions, it drains IT budgets and it can take up hours of IT staff time.

You must think about many aspects in parallel – is your portfolio ready to move, are your apps aligned with Windows 10, are there any unautomated processes and if your technicians not sceptic etc.

Do you still watch what others say and do? Then here are the facts – smart adapters – 20 % of companies do the migration this year. Some of SMEs and large enterprises think that they need a little while to test and check their existing infraastucture environment, so the plan of 38% companies is to jump on the train in 2016. Others? 42% organisations only plan to do it around 2017. Why? They are not sure, they have to check, they want to be delicate with all the details to clarify if Windows 10 is really for them and their employees. They want to be late.


How to migrate your enterprise to Windows 10 already in 2015?

It’s a monumental shift for both – Microsoft and its customers. The difference in migration process this time is that with Windows 10 you will be able to continue to use that same backend infrastructure. Things will be much simpler and there won’t be nearly as many blockages. That’s why so important is to find out if all your applications are compatible with Windows 10 and ready to be migrated.

AppXite, empowered by Atea Global Services, is providing a FREE service to ease the transition, and let you upgrade your desktops to Windows 10 as simply and easily as it can be. It’s called Windows 10 Application Compatibility Service.


Use our FREE Windows 10 Application Compatibility Service

Over years we have collected experiences and made the best practises in doing application packaging, software asset management and managing uncountable hundreds of customer PCs. We do know applications best, that is why we offer you this service for free – no stones hidden.

Each of your applications will be verified against multiple data inventories with millions of unique data sets. It is not only about data from the Windows 10 certification program or application publishers’ information. It is about many years of experiences in application management and our experiences and information from daily software asset management. Those data inventories consist of proven and operational experiences about application compatibility. You will afterwards know what works, what needs to be upgraded and what might not work on Windows 10. We want you to benefit from our expertise and knowledge.


Only three steps are needed:

1.            Goto to the RETHINK cloud service marketplace and register

2.            Click on the Windows 10 Application Compatibility button

3.            Upload your application list and the results will be shown shortly after


It could not be easier and you even have the option to download the results in your favorite file format for further processing.

Try it for yourself today and be on your way to an end-user computing environment with Windows 10. Click here NOW. And make sure you are early and successful adapter!


For more info and questions, contact AppXite via Linkedin, email or just use the old method and call.


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