How to reduce the potential risks from upcoming software audit?

How to reduce the potential risks from upcoming software audit?


Do you think your organisation is imune from audits which occurs more and more from software vendors? Or are you sure you control your software licenses – not overpaying and not paying too less? Think again!

Over the already early beginning of 2013 various software vendors only raise the audit amount to check SMe and enterprise companies. There is no reason to believe that this activity will become less any time soon which continues into an audit for everyone in 2016!

Software Audit Risks – What are the chances your company will be next?


Software vendor audits are way more than a disturbance. It is effort and time costing, for example some of the companies, spend more than 50 % their IT Asset Management workloads only for preparing and depending from a software audit. It costs also huge amount of money if you are over- or under- licensed as penalty. Don’t let your company be penalised. If audit happens – it can impact also jobs or the b2b relationship with vendor.

As many vendor made surveys and reports shows that Microsoft if the most strict software vendor if we speak about licensing. It shows that around 66% of businesses that had been audited, reported being audited by Microsoft, compared to 42% of businesses that had been audited by Adobe, the second most common auditor. The report also shows that those audited organisations paid in average over EUR 350.000 just to clear out the SAM situation. It of course gives some kind of respect to get our hands on SAM and be in control! Companies must understand where their compliance risks are – from the top layers to under covers.


What to do in order to reduce your potential financial risk?

Monitor your software usage!

Usual reaction when audit has arrived is, to buy licenses in panic just to be sure you have enough to avoid fines. By understanding how software is being used, by whom, on which devices and from which locations, companies can avoid being pressured into wasting money on software that’s simply not needed.


One of the efficient ways how to track your software, is to use AppXite’s Cloud SAM service.


Cloud Software Asset Management (Cloud SAM VIDEO) is a cloud based solution built on Microsoft Azure and delivers accurate License Compliance Reports with minimal administration required from the customer. It comes in white label and can be implemented in your IT infrastructure just in few days to start to collect your software license and usage information.  Cloud SAM for ELP offers the chance to LSP’s or SAM solution providers performing Microsoft audits or wishing to ensure their customers are ready before an audit – following all Microsoft ELP audit rules, and it is 100% confidential – no deployment information is shared with Microsoft or other vendors, unless you wish for, but it delivers you an online report with the actual Microsoft ELP look and feel.


Why to choose a Cloud based software as a Service?

  • Save time and money by fast implementation and service being delivered from the Cloud.
  • Lower your license costs dramatically by using software what you actually need.
  • Flexible payment terms for each and every business.
  • Get audit ready fast and simple by working with experience and team of the world’s 1st SAM solution built on the Microsoft Azure platform.



Cloud SAM Dashboard


 Cloud SAM provides you with transparent overview and extensive advice from our specialists to significantly reduce the possible risk of expensive and unsuccessful audits as well as dramatically increase the savings of unnecessary license purchases. Last but not least Cloud SAM can be implemented in private cloud environment or on premise.

At the conclusion, all businesses must be responsible to monitor how the software is used in their organisation and approve that it is correctly licensed align to how likely it must be when audited. The easiest way to avoid unplanned spend caused by false software licensing is to ensure that your company has the ability to track your software assets and their use.

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