Meet us at Microsoft Ready in Las Vegas from 17th to 21st of July

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Microsoft Ready is the all-new field readiness event that represents the evolution of legacy events—MGX, S4, and TechReady—into a single integrated experience creating a unified, annual marker signifying renewal, recognition, and the commencement of the Microsoft engagement rhythm. Join AppXite July 17 – 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada with Microsoft’s global field as we formulate [...]

Meet us at Microsoft Inspire Washington D.C. from 9th to 13th July

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  The time has come to meet each other again in the largest & most exciting Microsoft partner meeting Inspire (to ones who got confused – previously called World Partner Conference) in Washington DC. We will be more than happy to meet old and new partners & friends at the Atea booth #310 where we [...]

The TOP IT Positions – We are Hiring!

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The IT scope has always been on the move and it changes faster and faster with every year. The requirements for an IT specialists grows only bigger and wider.  The enhanced cloud strategies, Azure business, security struggles and Internet of Things will play a strategic role in 2016. It`s a good moment to spice up your [...]

Become a Microsoft CSP 1-Tier partner! We help you climb that top.

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Since July, 2015 the Microsoft partner business has changed and to embrace the cloud business as a CSP partner you must change as well. 1Tier CSP partner model stands for a few strategic partners who will deal directly with Microsoft and dive successfully into the cloud business. Do you want to be one? Even more - one [...]

Make a migration with FREE Windows 10 Application Compatibility Test

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How to make migration jump to Windows 10? Staring from beginning of July everybody can easily access the upgrade to Windows 10. There have been .... disucussions if and how, when and why. After almost two months of various experiences, a lot of CEOs and CTOs are deciding to make this jump, but how to manage [...]

Prolongered Xmas! Get your present until March 2016!

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The Christmas is gone, but the joy sometimes still lasts. Presents as well. Let us explain - During the Advent time we released a special Christmas campaign for our partners and potential partners. Now, when all the presents are out and available we would like to remind you what is still available for you! We decided to prolong the [...]

The new intelligent way how to optimise your IT Infrastructure – Azure Managed Service Factory

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On-premise, hybrid, public… 50+ services in Microsoft Azure. Bewildered? You are not to blame – Azure is mind-blowing and it can be overwhelming to figure out what the ups and downs of Microsoft Azure are. It is not easy to combine the different pieces of the puzzle and end up with a modern infrastructure that fully [...]

The wave is coming. Next Generation Volume Licensing and how it will impact you?

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Jumping on the CSP track is critical to being a “transformed” or “evolving” LSP partner for Microsoft. For a customer in the past, the key to being a good Microsoft LAR partner or LSP reseller was helping the customer manage their “T-36” or the 36 month (3 year) period from the start of a net new Enterprise [...]

Why traditional IT Solution Providers need to shift to the Cloud Computing?

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In the emerging cloud market headed for transformation this year, MSPs need to decide what they want to offer — and why. Having an MSP cloud computing strategy is key for 2015. That strategy is maybe filled with enough risks while still the goal is providing measurable and stable gains to customers. There’s no way to [...]

How to reduce the potential risks from upcoming software audit?

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How to reduce the potential risks from upcoming software audit?   Do you think your organisation is imune from audits which occurs more and more from software vendors? Or are you sure you control your software licenses – not overpaying and not paying too less? Think again! Over the already early beginning of 2013 various software [...]